Outstanding House BRZ in Antwerp, Belgium


Building a contemporary home in a tight space can be quite tricky, and since the available construction area for the House BRZ was just 742 square feet, the architects in charge of the construction process decided to expand the abode vertically. Built in 2012 by P8 architecten, the House BRZ can be found in Antwerp, Belgium, and it boasts a total of 6 floors (ground floor included).

The ground floor of the house was transformed into a city garden that was covered partially, which is why the main living areas can be found on the first floor. With just 484 square feet to spare on each level, a regular staircase could become quite intrusive, which is why the architects decided to place it as far to the front of the home as possible. This way, the staircase can be seen from the outside through several windows as it ascents to the top of the house through the different split-levels.

Inside, the residence was decorated and furnished with minimalism and comfort in mind, boasting crisp white walls as well as subtle lighting arrangements and colorful décor elements for a touch of contrast.

Photos by Luc Roymans

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