Modern Infor Headquarters by VOA

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Infor, the third largest business software provider in the world has recently moved into a new “home”, in New York, designed by VOA. The new structure allows the employees to work along with the CEO who is very happy with his new open table from where he can develop fresh ideas.

It’s a 48,000 SF location split into two parts: a customer sales center and a corporate headquarters. The reception on the 4th floor was accessorized with a two-story media wall and a stair leading to the conference center. The connection between the conference center and the open office above is made by a breakout lounge.

This building was originally a department store that had poor ventilation and natural light with very few windows and a very deep interior space. After the architects did a great job, the result made the business more prosperous because Infor is reporting that 98% of the potential customers that come to the office buy their software.

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