Urban Nikau House by Group Architects

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Nikau House is a modern residence specially designed for a retired couple by Strachan Group Architects. The owners wanted a place where they could invite friends over and where they could relax and enjoy their lives.

It is located in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand and is part of a tight urban context whilst providing privacy and all the necessary amenities for a tranquil living.

The challenge, when designing the interior, was to provide the owners a special space for their art collection and many shelves to store their books.

The privacy is guaranteed no matter the future developments due to the Zincalume trapezoidal roofing that is wrapped around the structure to create the eastern wall.

Timber decking is used, as a very important element, indoors to create a floor that combined with timber louvers heats and cools the house.

The result came as a satisfaction for the owners who primarily wanted a tranquil and luxurious retreat.

Photos by Jackie Meiring

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