Refined Lakeshore Residence in British Columbia, Canada


The Lakeshore residence in the Okanagan is a fine and unique property sited near the lake and features a boat house bat, extensive boardwalks and dock structure that can’t be duplicated because of the site’s characteristics.

The designer Paul Nesbitt was offered the opportunity of turning this house into a genuine lake shore experience which turned out to be so overwhelming that it makes you want to skip the details. The result is a timeless construction characterized by style and durability.

The estate was designed upon a nautical theme and is found inside under the form of artwork and to the trim out.

Everything to the smallest detail was attentively arranged in order to create a comfortable environment where the owners and the guests could feel like being on the lake.

The property can accommodate up to 150 guests remaining in the same time inviting and warm for small intimate assemblies.

For those who are interested in the house, they should know that is on sale for $8,999,000!

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