Modern Two-Story Home In Vilnius, Lithuania

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Jane Mullock
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This modern two-story home was completed in 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and it was designed by a company named D_Style Vilnius. It features 2,529 square feet of living space and boasts comfortable, spacious interiors that are able to ensure more than adequate living conditions to the owners and their guests.

On the outside, the abode impresses with a wooden facade complemented by rectangular-shaped windows at the upper floor and sliding glass doors on the lower floor. The property also comprises a garage, which is accessible via an outdoor deck. The walls of the garage were adorned with wooden board imitations in order to balance out the cold appearance of the concrete. The interior design is the work of Tomas Jasiulis, and it comprises colorful furnishings, high-end amenities, modern lighting systems and high quality appliances. One of the most impressive and intimate areas within the house is the main bedroom, which features a comfortable bed, wooden floors, a white ceiling and interesting wall decorations based on shades of blue, purple and beige.

From the architect:

Interior salon Distyle has completed installation of individual residential home. Distyle, in collaboration with its partners, supervised all phases of home construction from design to home furnishing and placing keys to a customer.

Architecture: a two-storey detached dwelling- house, wooden facade, the interior layout is functional, adapted to live in a family with children. A comfortable dwelling- house is connected with monolithic garage using a porch (unheated transitional room).

The garage has wooden boards imitation in the concrete walls. The sitting room of the house provides access to a wooden outdoor terrace (architect Antanas Dominas, designer Audrone Dominaite).

Interior: modern, functional, minimalistic but particularly comfortable (designer Tomas Jasiulis). The range of colors is bright, most of furniture manufacturers are Italian, lighting and interior design, all of which you can order in the interior salon Distyle. A part of non-traditional furniture and interior solutions are made in Lithuania.

Architects: D_Style Vilnius
Location: Vilnius Map, Lithuania
Architects in Charge: Antanas Dominas, Tomas Jasiulis
Area: 235.0 sqm
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: DGFotografija

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