Nature-Friendly Cluny House by Guz Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Another outstanding project by Guz Architects, the Cluny House is an almost surreal realm of tranquility and wellness. Nature, technology and luxury are beautifully intertwined, and the result is spectacular. The sustainable residence is located in Singapore and has a central water court at its core.

The entire project revolves around this magical area, as a wonderful example of sustainable living. The man-nature communion is also reflected in the rooftop gardens, where green life flourishes with every passing day.

Other eco features include top-notch EIB systems, artificial timber, recycled teak, rainwater recycling system, cross ventilation, passive cooling, solar water heaters, and photovoltaic cells. You just have to love a green home like this!

Photos by Patrick Bingham Hall


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