Outstanding Bedroom Boasting A Wavy Wall

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Jane Mullock
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When it comes to edgy interior decoration ideas, the ingenuity of Geometrix Design’s experts is unmatched. This remarkable black and white bedroom incorporates a stunning wavy wall that was created following the principles of parametric architecture. In order to eliminate any dust problems, the designers made sure that there is no space between the wall’s panels.

The curves that can be seen on the wall serve practical purposes as shelves but some of them are purely decorative. The bed offers a bit of contrast in this highly contemporary design by flaunting a superb art-deco style based on a ceiling-high head and a leather quilt. Despite the cold color palette, the room feels quite welcoming thanks to a series of impressive lighting arrangements. The bedroom also includes its own walk-in closet that is hidden from sight with the help of a series of mirrors.

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