Poolhouse MRT In Marke, Kortrijk, Belgium

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This contemporary residence is located in a suburb in Marke, Kortrijk, Belgium. The original abode dates back from the 1970s, and in 2013, it received an extension courtesy of Steven Vandenborre Architects. The project raised some concerns for privacy, and so the architects created a brand new courtyard with floating concrete walls.

On the side facing the street, due to the sloping terrain, they managed to insert a carport directly under the floating wall. The floor directly above the carport is now a reflecting pond. Made entirely out of concrete, the courtyard honors Julien Lampens, one of Belgium’s most acclaimed architects. The transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces is seamless, mostly due to the glazed doors that compose the facades of the courtyard spaces. The large swimming pool is perhaps one of the most impressive elements of the residence, hence its name.

From the architect:

The house is situated in a suburban area dominated by the typical villa. The existing building dates from the 70 ies. The interior of the existing house was made of characteristic concrete floors with wooden formwork, white painted brickwalls and clear open spaces.

The extension of the house had to be a logic result of the history and atmosphere of the existing house.

To improve the privacy regarding the neighbours we positioned a new courtyard with floating concrete walls.

On the streetside, because of the terrain slope , there is a carport under the floating concrete wall and floor. The floor above the carport is transformed as a reflecting pond.

In order to incorporate 2 bedrooms, the entrance from the carport and a lounge, one of the new walls has been duplicated, thus creating the necessary space.

The new courtyard is completely made of concrete and is a warm tribute to the great Belgian architect Julien Lampens.

The transition between inside an outside is very typical in the abstract architecture of the office of Steven Vandenborre. All the facades of the spaces on the courtyard are glazed doors.

The overall impression is that of an abstraction of garden walls, concrete floating walls of a building that could be located on a hill in Switzerland. Because of the embedded character , own climate (no wind) and swimming pool the courtyard makes the residents feel like they are on holiday in their own house

Architects: Steven Vandenborre Architects
Location: Marke, 8510 Kortrijk, Belgium
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Tim Van de Velde

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