Villa GFR In Roeselare, Belgium

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Based on its owner’s request, Villa GFR boasts a direct link with its surroundings, particularly with a castle that can be found in its vicinity. The residence was completed in 2012 by DE JAEGHERE Architectuuratelier, and it is located in Roeselare, Belgium. Its architects decided to outfit it with an outdoor deck that is encircled by a wall in order to ensure the privacy of the inhabitants.

The villa features two floors, which are linked by an interior staircase with “floating” wooden steps. The ground floor flaunts a plethora of glass elements and incorporates the main living area, which benefits from perfect panoramas of the castle. The extensive use of glass ensures that natural light is able to flow seamlessly throughout the abode during the day. The living room features a fireplace as well as modern illumination systems and sliding glass doors that ensure quick and easy access to an outdoor patio.

From the architect:

The owner requested a clear link between his property and the surroundings, more specifically with the nearby castle, even though privacy ought to be guaranteed at every moment. This is why the villa is designed with a patio enclosed by a wall. Passers-by cannot see what is happening inside the house.

The massive first floor seems to be floating on a glass construction. When walking through the entrance gate, one gradually discovers the mixture of light and transparency.

The living area permits residents to look outside and have a panoramic view on the nearby castle. The whited exterior wall reflects the sunlight and enhances the impression of exterior space. The slate stone links the interior with the patio and blurs the border between inside and outside. Light creates dynamism in the house, as architectural lines bring in natural light and are supported by lines offering artificial light.

The patio wall is connected to a garden wall with pool house and composes an intense relationship with the garden. The walls give a strong and solid impression but simultaneously they create a feeling of intimacy. They are discrete pillars that make the surroundings stand out.

In the bathroom too, the question of intimacy and light was addressed: the border between inside and outside fades as a pillar of dimension stone, in which both the bath and the walk-in shower are organized, visually continues up to the interior patio level.

Architects: DE JAEGHERE Architectuuratelier
Location: Roeselare, Belgium
Exterior and Interior Design: Steven De Jaeghere
Area: 467.0 sqm
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Hendrik Biegs

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