Remarkable Studio House In Ajijic, Mexico

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This fine example of modern architecture was penned down by a firm called ARS° Atelier de Arquitecturas, and it can be found within a neighborhood named La Floresta in Ajijic, Mexico.  The unique design of this fabulous residence features local traditional elements with a modern twist, which appear to be blending the old and the new into a remarkable representation of elegance.

Surrounded by soaring mountains and placed in close proximity to a tranquil lake, this stunning studio house is situated within a dreamy location that is well known and appreciated for its mild climate and picturesque views. Built with utmost attention to detail in order to ensure maximum comfort, this abode features passive cooling technologies as well as natural shading and ventilation throughout its main living areas. The choice of textures and materials revolved around clean shades of crisp white that contrast exquisitely with wood and glass elements.

One of the most distinguishable features of this residence comes in the form of a superb lattice that was placed over the southern façade. This lattice dramatically reduces solar radiation and was created using branches from a tree called Palo Dulce, which boasts great flexibility since it allows the assembly to fold if necessary in order to ensure a greater degree of privacy.

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Photos by Onnis Luque

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