Rustic 2290 by Arch11

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Arch11 have designed the 2290 home, which is a private residence located in Boulder, Colorado. The exterior of the house matches its interior design, due to the fact that both exude a degree of rusticity, on one hand because of the rugged landscape of boulders and shrubs, and on the other one, due to the use of stone for the walls and the exposed wooden ceiling beams.

This two suite guest house recalls the classic case of the study homes of the 20th century. This solid building provides all the privacy one needs, while still preserving its openness.

The patio acts like the link between the tempered space and the garden beyond. The color palette consists in a contrast of crisp lines and textured surfaces blending with timeless and rusty surfaces.

Photos by Raul Garcia

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