Rustic And Elegant ED House In Araucanía Region, Chile

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The ED House was designed to accommodate two families at once even though it features just 2,690 square feet of living space. It can be found near a lake in Araucanía Region, Chile, and it was completed in 2014 by Eduardo Guzmán Rivera + Juan Carlos Muñoz Del Sante. Since the residence was in danger of overheating during the warm season, the architects needed to find efficient and eco-friendly ways to cool it off. The solutions came in the form of cross ventilation and automated windows systems that take advantage of the winds coming in from the north and south.

Another challenging problem was the steep slope upon which the home was built. For extra rigidity and support, the ED House boasts a concrete plate reinforced with a holding tube as well as concrete ribs.

The main social area is the living room, which is found at the heart of the abode. It serves as a common gathering spot for the two families, which is why it flaunts comfortable sofas, a large wooden coffee table and a dining table with enough seating for ten. The residence features two volumes that are connected by an exterior staircase. The master bedrooms are found at the ends of these volumes, which is why they offer splendid views of the surroundings while ensuring utmost privacy.

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From the architect:

The ED house is south of Chile, in the Araucania region, located on land with steep slope that ends at the lake.

Undermines the house on the ground so as not to interrupt the view of the houses that are on the back of this, and that in the future will be built, allowing the lake view over the roofs of the house. not block the rear view of the terrain, it is proposed that the house does not grow in height, but rather along the dimension, considering parallel to the lake.

Programmatically the house thought the criteria to accommodate two families simultaneously, with the core of the house a large living room that could contain these two families staying in the same resort as a meeting. therefore the house is in two oblong on the ground level, so to check the privacy between the two volumes.

The upper floor is accessed via external stairs and paths that plunge into the ground to reach the level 0.00 for access to the house, only volume containing bedrooms.

A silver lake level is reached via the staircase connecting the two volumes, or on the outside of the house, a joint program was left in this area because it is the sector that have more proximity to the lake, where the kitchen, bar, family room, and a barbecue with all the lake view, added to this, enclosures bedrooms.

Master bedrooms on both volumes were placed at the ends of the house with the intention of giving them privacy and best views of natural landmarks that are nearby.

Due to the steep slope that has the land, the house is in a holding tube reinforced concrete plate that goes into the lake, supported by concrete ribs that give rigidity and support much of the house.

To project the envelope material to respond optimally to sudden temperatures, winter and summer was looking, it was also to furnish material to reduce pollution, opting sip panels. For both the exterior and the interior.

For concrete slabs Aislapol plates integrated way to reduce heat loss per floor were used, and for heaven panels 160mm sip, getting well in terms of optimizing thermal climate.

An important issue was the ventilation of the house to the intense heat, so it was available in both volumes criterion cross ventilation (see section reference fixture.) Across the ridge of the house was available windows mobile automated ways leveraging current arming winds coming in from north / south.

Area: 250.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Cristian Muñoz Del Sante

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Collaborators: Rodrigo Moreno
Structure Engineer: Roberto Stocker Lagos

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