Sophisticated yet Simple Toronto Residence by Belzberg Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Toronto Residence, designed by Belzberg Architects, won a 2013 Ontario Association Architects Design Excellence award.

The project had to include a space that could take advantage of the natural site and to act as a home for a growing international family. The boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors had to be eliminated, so, for this particular reason, there were created large portions of glazing.

The interior design was conceived in a way that could emanate the sense of an informal and inviting space with a little bit of sophistication.

The landscape design in front of the construction has been created to allow natural light to flood all the space, to create the feeling of airiness and to still conserve the privacy. Plaster and zinc cladding were mixed with natural woods and stones to give the house a simple, yet massive appearance.


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