Splendid Fitzroy Residence In Melbourne, Australia

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Spacious, luxurious and beautifully decorated, the Fitzroy Residence can be found in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The renovation project for this wonderful home was penned down by architects from a company called Carr Architecture, and it was meant to enhance the overall appeal of the home without robbing it of its Victorian charm.

In order to achieve their goals, the architects decided to add a new ground floor to the project and to define it past the already existing first floor. Inside, the fortunate owners of the abode would be able to enjoy modern and comfortable living arrangements as well as a fine selection of amenities such as modern appliances, a beautiful wooden dining table for 6, high quality wood flooring and large windows that invite plenty of natural light throughout the main living spaces.

The color palette involves a blend of brown, beige, dark brown and black elements that give off a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Overall, the Fitzroy Residence is a superb place to come home to and a fantastic example of contemporary and Victorian architecture.

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Photos by Michael Gazzola

From the Carr Architecture:

The renovation of this two-storey terrace provides a series of flexible, contemporary spaces without losing the elegance of the original home. Situated in the heart of Fitzroy, the double-story Victorian is defined by its ornate, idyllic heritage-listed facade. The clients loved the character and charm of the Victorian house and were keen to retain as much of the existing period architecture as possible.

To achieve this, the new ground floor was projected past the existing first floor, defining a new architectural expression. But unlike many renovations of this kind, the extension is not conspicuous. Instead it’s an elegant and robust form which takes into consideration its industrial neighbourhood context.

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