Starbucks Opens Up A Flagship Store In Orlando, Florida


As one of the most prestigious coffee companies in the world, Starbucks is widely appreciated for its fine products and irreproachable service. Consequently, opening up a flagship store in Downtown Disney, Orlando, Florida was a very important endeavor that required utmost attention to detail and careful planning. The store in question is a fantastic addition to the massive chain of Starbucks establishments, and it may be the most elegant and welcoming one to date.

Featuring a remarkable design envisioned by David Daniels, this store features a rustic, welcoming and warm atmosphere that blends seamlessly with a series of cutting-edge, modern facilities that are meant to dramatically enhance overall customer experience. These facilities involve 70-inch interactive touchscreens that allow users to interact with friends that are located at the Anaheim Starbucks store, which was also created in partnership with Disney.

Furthermore, this 4,000 square foot store also boasts with remarkable environmentally conscious features that allowed it to officially become the company’s 500th LEED establishment. These features include highly efficient LED lighting systems, reclaimed materials such as oak and maple, community tables created using salvaged wood and a green roof that features a fantastic array of lemon grass plants.

All in all, this definitely looks like one of the most impressive Starbucks stores ever created, which is why it will probably become one of the most visited and appreciated cafes at Downtown Disney Orlando.

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