Sublime Private Estate In Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The elegant residence that we’re about to present was built in 1996 and is located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. It sits on a 3.5-acre lot and features 21,103 square feet of living space, which is quite enough for any regular-sized family. Private living areas include 8 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms and two half bathrooms.

Social spaces are represented by a formal dining room, a grand room for entertainment, a fully equipped kitchen and a family room. There’s also a cabana and a spa, a lavish swimming pool and a conservatory. Extra calories can be burned away at the gym, while high quality entertainment can be enjoyed in the company of family members and friends at the home theater.

Even though the house is purely breathtaking on the inside, we shouldn’t forget that the estate’s outdoor areas are equally mesmerizing. Carefully trimmed lawns, beautiful trees, gardens and lounging areas are just some of the outdoor highlights. The price for all of this exquisiteness is $6,687,000. A bargain, don’t you agree?

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