The Nomadic Fincube House by Studio Aisslinger

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Fincube is an amazing housing project by Studio Aisslinger. Its best feature is its nomadic character, meaning that it can be easily disassembled, transported to a new place, and reconstructed there. With this outstanding concept, moving away is no longer synonym with leaving your home behind.

The modular, sustainable house was designed by Werner Aisslinger, and built in a superb area near Bolzano, Northern Italy. It was made using only local wood and sustainable, recyclable materials. This has reduced the building’s CO2 impact to a minimum, making it a wonderful nature-friendly man-made structure. Furthermore, it needs minimum soil sealing, which translates into a very reduced impact on the environment. When it is moved to another place, the spot on which it stood can easily be “repaired” and reintegrated into the landscape.

Aisslinger gave the house a minimal design that is very unlikely to lose its appeal as the years go by. Fincube boasts extensive triple glazing that allows 360 degree views of the surroundings. The wooden façade gives the structure a mushroom-likes shape that helps it connect with the natural beauty of any type of landscape: mountain side, forest, or meadows.

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With a supporting structure made of larch, and interiors made of stone-pine and larch, the house can be easily rescaled and altered in many ways. It features 3-meter (almost 10-foot) high ceilings, and warm and inviting interiors. The entire home is controlled by a central touch panel, making it a truly modern smart house. Discover its beauty in the pictures below.

The Nomadic Fincube House by Studio Aisslinger

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