Tranquil Villa Lokaator by Kavakava Architects


Villa Lokaator is a 2,120 square foot contemporary home located in Paldiski, Estonia that was completed by the Estonian architectural firm Kavakava Architects in 2007.It was built on the ashes of an old army barrack.

Though the house is not finished yet, we can easily see that it will be a great place to live in. if now seems a little bit rigid because of the façade that is not finished yet, once they’ll get it done it will look like a warm and cozy place for a family. The designers have the tendency of transforming the interior into a temple of meditation and well-being due to the earthy colors used on the furniture, walls and floor.

An asset of the property is the fact that is surrounded by a lot of trees and greenery, being set away from the street, noise and traffic.


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