28 Wes Coast Grove Residence in Singapore

28 Wes Coast Grove Residence In Singapore

This superb residence in Singapore was renovated by ONG&ONG, the renowned architecture and interior design company. The client wanted a modernized version of the original home, with a new living area flooded by natural light.

To this end, the architects broke down several walls on the firs level, allowing plenty of light to come in from every side. They also introduced a few skylights for an even more impressive result.

The project – called 28 Wes Coast Grove – also included a lovely koi pond in the back garden, further emphasizing the overall tranquil spa feel of the entire residence. A seamless transition from the inside to the outdoor areas encourages a strong communication with the environment.

Another highlight of this project is the remarkable master suite, with a bedroom,  a bathroom, and an exercise area. See more in the photo gallery below.

28 Wes Coast Grove Residence in Singapore

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