9 Must-Try Bedroom Storage Options

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A well-organized bedroom could help you sleep better and become more productive. It may be so because a messy space might make you anxious when going to bed since it reminds you of tasks you haven’t accomplished. Also, a cluttered sleeping area might make you feel unmotivated to perform various tasks such as your job if you use the space as your office.  

If you’d like to organize or declutter your bedroom, storage solutions and hacks can help you create a functional and attractive space. Here are some options you could consider:

Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers can be a great storage solution to consider. Compared to a bedside table, chests of drawers have more room to put your books, makeup, skincare products, and more items inside. An advantage is that you could even use it as your nightstand. 

You might want to buy this storage solution for your bedroom. When shopping for a chest of drawers, you’ll find several in the market. The best one to choose for your space will depend on its size, features, design, price, and the number of storage units. The material of a chest of drawers also matters. Ensure you only pick one constructed with high-quality materials because it’ll last longer.  

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A Bed With Built-In Storage

A bed with built-in storage is another great solution you could consider. It can be helpful, especially if your sleeping area is small. You can buy a lift-up storage bed. These are best to store things you don’t need more frequently because lifting your bed daily up and down could get tedious. Use the space to put spare duvets, photo albums, seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, or guest sheets and pillows.  

You might also find beds with drawers on the side. These are ideal for items you use on a daily basis. You can keep your charges, laptops, bathing towels, or a book you’re currently reading. 

Some beds have headboards with shelves for storage. Such can be suitable for magazines, books, phones, or an alarm clock. You might also find a headboard that could function as a nightstand. You can use such to make your bedroom more attractive. Consider placing some artificial plants or flowers and a photo of you and your spouse.

Fold-Down Desk

A fold-down desk can be helpful if you work from home and use your bedroom as your office. This one can be tucked up against your wall when you aren’t using it. The only other thing you need is an ergonomic chair

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The desks are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes. The best one for you will depend on your preference.

Peg Organizer

A peg organizer can be a great tool to help keep your bedroom decluttered. These are quite versatile and can be used to store anything. You can utilize your pegboard as a shoe rack. You can simply attach it to a wall or behind your closet door, then let your shoes hang on the pegs. The good thing is that you’ll keep things out of sight, off the floor, but within reach.  

You can also utilize your pegboard to hang jewelry, bags, caps, and umbrellas. Alternatively, spruce it up by adding a shelf or two. After doing so, you can use the new storage areas for your beauty products or decorative plants, flowers, and photos. This way, you could make your pegboard your bedroom’s focal point. 

Bedroom Storage Options

Hanging Shelves

If you need more storage in your closet, hanging shelves may be a storage solution to consider. These can be useful for bed sheets, pillowcases, and other items that aren’t too heavy. An advantage is that some hanging shelves come with many compartments. And it means more storage space for you. 

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Hooks are also an excellent option. You can install these over your bedroom door and use them to hang coats and bags. You could also have them behind your closet doors or at the back of your wall. In this way, you can hide away umbrellas, purses, and other hangable items.  

A Window Seat With Storage

You may like relaxing in your bedroom as you read a book or having coffee in your bedroom as you admire a beautiful view. A window seat is something that can make your room more comfortable. To make the most out of it, add some storage underneath.  

You can install a bookshelf to display your loved collection. Alternatively, have drawers to keep bedding, bags, clothes, movies, chargers, or laptops.  

Rotating Organizer

A rotating organizer can be a great storage facility for your makeup and skincare products. This one can be useful if you have little or no space in your bedroom for such items. An advantage of this solution is that you can store many products neatly in it at a go. 

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Also, since it’s small and portable, you can place it on your chest of drawers or have it in your closet. If you need it, it’s easy to pick it up and put it back because it’s lightweight.

Alcove Shelves

An alcove is a small recessed space in a room. This section’s wall is further back than the other walls. If you have such a space in your bedroom, this can be a great storage area to consider. You can build open shelves to display your books, decor pieces, and family photos. Alternatively, you could have drawers or beautiful baskets to hide unappealing clutter.  


Having an organized bedroom doesn’t only keep your space looking neat. It also enhances sleep and productivity. If you’re looking to declutter or organize your sleeping area, several storage solutions could help you create a functional and appealing space.  

In this article, you’ve seen some options you can consider regardless of your bedroom’s size. As you’ve learned, you could buy a chest of drawers, a bed with built-in storage, a fold-down desk, or a peg organizer. You can also have hanging shelves, hooks, or a rotating organizer. Alternatively, build a window seat with storage or alcove shelves.

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