Agraz Arquitectos’ Work in Mexico City

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This 546 sq m property was designed by Agraz Arquitectos to meet the necessities for a family with 5 members, the mother and father and their 3 sons. The project was named HG House and it can be found in Mexico.

Theoretically, it is a two-leveled house. But since the architects designed the basement as a utility space, it can be called a three-leveled house. The basement includes the garage and it can be seen as a part of the house because it is connected to the family areas (living and dinning) through a set of stairs. Since the guest coming from the garage will enter directly the un-divided social area, the garage actually becomes a second entrance to the house.

On the first level one will find the common spaces, but for this united family it’s the common space. The architects opted for creating a spacious un-walled floor to act as a good social area for the entire family or for parties. It includes the dinning place, the living room and the terrace of the house. The only thing that creates a separation is the stairs that come from the garage. These have a second purpose acting like a wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the socialization area.

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A master bedroom with a common dressing room and bathroom, a studio for the children and two bedrooms are placed on the second floor. The two bedrooms are designed as men rooms and they each have their own dressings and bathrooms. These two rooms are connected on the outside by a terrace.

The exterior of the house is impressive during the day, since the cubical aspect and mixing of textures create a play of shadows.


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