Citriodora House – A Gorgeously Designed Project by Seeley Architects

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Citriodora House is a holiday retreat located in the town of Anglesea, Australia. It was designed by Seeley Architects and is part of several inspired beach houses designed over the past 10 or so years in this secluded and small coastal holiday hamlet.

The name “Citriodora” comes from the botanical name of the trees that are found in the northern corner of the property.

This house is characterized both by simplicity and complexity, offering views to the sky, privacy to the neighbors and two massive concrete walls forming a prehistoric spine through the middle.

The project maximizes the opportunities offered by the site, respecting its locality and environment.

The entry space is dominated by massive in-situ concrete walls that form the staircase spine. Moving forward towards the kitchen – living area, you cannot miss the breathtaking views along the coastal cliffs and Southern ocean that delight your eyesight.

An important aspect about this house is the fact that the entire structure communicates with the surrounding environment.

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