Decorating Trends that Will Define 2014

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Each year has its fashion, its colors and accessories that are indispensable in any home. This year is the same, the trends being slightly different compared to 2013. Because you don’t rearrange and decorate your home every year, it is definitely the case to keep in mind everything that is in trend, so you can have a modern and comfortable house for a long time.

The colors of this year, besides the dazzling blue are yellow, purple, orange, turquoise, gray, green, lavender, deep red or even black. It is announced a colorful year, full of daring combinations, which will greatly facilitate your choices, managing to easily satisfy any chromatic preferences and to instigate to creativity.

In 2014, the decor places high value on floral and multicolored prints. You can add an extra touch of beauty to a room by using the floral upholstery, the floral wallpaper and the decorative pillows.

Geometry plays an important role as well, and the circular shaped decor or furniture elements are highly appreciated right now.

The objects that highlight the decor of your house can be made out of copper. It’s a highly coveted material because it nicely decorates both a modern and a classical style home, reason why it was included in this year’s trends by the famous designers.

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Another trend related to home decorating ideas is for the living room, to have another point of attraction than the ordinary couch. If you own old and bulky furniture pieces, choose one to place in the living room. A large vintage piece will outline the decor and convert that piece into a real attraction of the room. In the absence of a stately old piece of furniture, you can opt for a new one with a size larger than you need. It can be a very large and comfortable armchair, a solid wood table or any other object you like and that can be used.

To give a sense of luxury inside the house, you can opt for leather furniture. This material is easy to maintain and offers the comfort that cannot be matched by cloth or any other materials.

Briefly, the key to success is to combine several colors in a room, to play with small decorative objects and floral prints, without forgetting any second, about the importance of home comfort.


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