Exotic Tempo House in Rio de Janeiro

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Gisele Taranto Arquitecturastudio designed the Tempo House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil so that will be in agreement with the exotic location. It is a colonial style house that is outlined by the special lines and fine finishes specific to this area. Here lies a true paradise with lots of greenery, exotic trees and plants which retains an aura of mystery.

The house is divided into two blocks as it follows: the main block is the family’s house and the second one, which is smaller, gathers the staff’s rooms, laundry, garage, Home Theater and SPA.

The interior design is as simple as possible but is very neat and with fine finishes that emphasize the class and the elegance.  The owner is an art collector, so the interior was turned into an art gallery, the house being itself a piece of art.

The warm climate of this region, that allows everyone to enjoy the exterior spaces all year long, had a big influence on the final exterior design of the house.

Everything from the decoration to the furniture is custom made in order to create the special place that the architects wanted.

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Photos by MCA Estudio

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