Animated Shaker Heights House by Dimit Architects

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Completed in 2012 by Dimit Architects, the Shaker Heights House is a single-family residence located in Columbus Ohio, USA. It was created to simplify the hectic life of an active young family that lives in the suburbs of Ohio.

The house is split into two wings- one is for the public life with a spacious living and dining room and also an entertainment space, and the other one is more private consisting in bedrooms,home office, exercise room and support spaces.  The connection between these two wings is made through a spacious kitchen with view to a beautiful courtyard with a swimming pool and reflecting pools.

Everything is covered in exquisite taste, modern elements and the most important detail is that this home is inhabited by a family that gives it life.


The Shaker Heights House, designed by Dimit Architects and completed in 2012, is a single-family residence in Columbus, Ohio, tailored for an active young family’s suburban lifestyle. The architectural design cleverly divides the house into two main wings to separate public and private spaces. The public wing encompasses a large living and dining area along with an entertainment space, while the private wing houses bedrooms, a home office, an exercise room, and additional support spaces. A significant feature of this house is the spacious kitchen situated at the juncture of the two wings, offering a scenic view of the courtyard that includes a swimming pool and reflecting pools. The house’s design combines modern elements with exquisite taste, creating a living space that is not only functional but also a true reflection of the family’s vibrant lifestyle.

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