Graticule House, Great Falls, Virginia

Graticule House, Great Falls, Virginia

The Graticule House, located in Great Falls, Virginia, was designed by Architect David Jameson. The residence impresses with its combination of dark and bright colors, which creates an interesting visual effect.

Although the house is surrounded by trees and wildlife, the light which flows into the home is enough to make it self-sufficient. The architects created varying sizes and shapes not only for the building, but also for the windows, and this is what makes the Graticule House a unique and modern piece of art.

The inside is as fabulous as the outside, featuring a spacious, luxurious and relaxing living atmosphere. The high ceilings create the feel of vast space and comfort. The flawless interior design offers everything that the client needs, completing the modern and natural beauty of the house’s architecture.

Graticule House, Great Falls, Virginia

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