House In A Wall In Porto, Portugal

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House In A Wall is an outstanding project that was designed and completed by architect Sérgio Koch in Porto, Portugal. The home was built on a lot of land that measures 8,751 square feet, but the construction itself occupied 5,489 square feet of space. As its name suggests, House In A Wall is surrounded by stone walls, and since it does not exceed them in height, it manages to ensure great privacy for its inhabitants.

The abode stretches on a single level and is accessed via an interior courtyard that also houses a garage. Inside, the main living areas are divided into 3 sections that comprise the kitchen area and the office, the main living room and the 3 bedrooms.

The office and kitchen are linked to a secondary inner courtyard, but the other living arrangements are facing a garden in the west, which happens to include an interior swimming pool.  As far as entertainment is concerned, the owner can always spend some time in a special playroom found in the basement, which happens to be illuminated naturally with the help of a skylight. In order to ensure efficient illumination throughout the day, the architect decided to implement multiple glass elements in the façade, including floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors.

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Photos by Fernando Guerra – FG+SG

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