House in Barcelos by Rui Grazina Studio

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Designed by Rui Grazina Studio, House in Barcelos is a 3,120-square-foot luxurious residence situated in Cambeses, Barcelos, Portugal.

The living spaces are oriented towards east to face the beautiful surrounding, while the bedrooms face south to take advantage of the sun light, to be in relationship with the nature and for privacy. The ground level of the building’s south side is slightly elevated, creating a continuity between the inside spaces and the outside area.

Because of the steep topography, the eastern side of the house features two stories, while the western side has only one. That is why part of the eastern side structure is situated under the ground level. This part is in fact the garage, built using a load bearing concrete frame.

The interior design features outstanding furnishings, solid woods and lacquered woods flooring, combined with finesse and sophistication.

Photos by: Nelson Garrido

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