How to Bring that Fresh Look of Summer into Your Home


Summer is the favorite season of many of us. We love the sun, the sea, the fragrant fruits and the colorful flowers. What if we brought into our homes the lovely decors that nature offers us during the summer?

 The predominant colors in summer are yellow, beige, orange and even red. The living room is the ideal place where we can make small changes in order for the warm colors of the summer to reach into our homes. Always combine the above colors with white in order to open them more.

 A table in shades of blue placed in the courtyard or on the terrace will make all your guests think about the sea. If you’re the happy owners of a pool, then the effect is guaranteed. Choose neutral shades, white or cream for the outdoor furniture: lounge chair, covers, tables, chairs, and of course assorted glasses of ice cold lemonade.

A spacious terrace is ideal to have meals together with the family; take advantage of this opportunity.

 In order to have more light inside your home, remove the drapes and change your curtains with some loose and transparent ones. Enjoy the summer light!


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