Home Bathroom King’s Point Residence In Palm Springs, California

King’s Point Residence In Palm Springs, California


This contemporary residential project was completed by H3K Design and is located in Palm SpringsCaliforniaUSA. It is based on a mid-century abode that received a complete makeover in order to be up to par with modern standards of luxury and comfort. Starting off with the entryway, we observe a relatively modest facade that features crisp white walls that contrast nicely with a bright yellow door. Natural plants such as cactuses add a touch of liveliness to the front yard. At the rear of the property, there is an outdoor deck with comfortable sofas and lounging chairs that can be used for sunbathing.

Inside, the living room flaunts a large sofa, a flat-screen TV and a striking hanging ornament placed directly above a small coffee table. Nearby, a round dining table provides seating for at least six people, while the kitchen impresses with high-end appliances. The views that can be admired from the living room are absolutely fantastic. Large windows and sliding glass doors ensure that the residents and their guests can enjoy access to the outdoors on a moment’s notice. Indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits add a touch of coziness and contribute to a welcoming and warm ambiance.

Photos by Patrick Ketchum