Massive finely-tuned living Schein Loft by Archi-Tectonics

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With a unique and very interesting layout, the 3,200-square-foot Schein Loft is an outstanding luxury dwelling in SoHo, New York. It occupies the eighth floor of the GW 497 building, flaunting windows on all its sides, and an uninterrupted communication with the outdoors. The aforementioned special layout of the loft is given by the different overlapping zones that make up the dwelling, and which come as a ingenious alternative to the traditional separately enclosed rooms. Designed by Archi-Tectonics, this wonderful luxe dwelling was finished in 2006.

The eastern and western facades feature spacious terraces: one that extends the living area towards the city, and another one that is accessible from the master bedroom. Natural light is always flooding the entire home, and this is especially important during the cold season, when passive solar energy can be gained by the concrete floor.

The windows act as very effective insulating screens, and the widow shades are controlled by a smart home system, which adapts their reaction according to the outside climate changes. These features play an important role in reducing the need for additional cooling and heating.

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A warm palette of neutral colors and natural materials contribute to a relaxing and inviting ambiance, one that helps dwellers forget about the hectic, noisy life of the city. In addition to all these qualities, the loft also boasts an impressive list of high-end amenities, such as a seven-foot long fireplace, a music room, a luxury resort-style master bathroom (with seam shower and overflow bath), and plenty of luxe furnishings throughout.

Photos by: Floto + Warner

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