Modern And Cozy Fuoco Residence In Turin, Italy


Located in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Turin, Fuoco is a roomy, contemporary apartment that was completed in 2014 by a firm named Archisbang. The residence features an atmosphere of coziness and elegance thanks to a selection of modern and classic furnishings complemented by artful decors.

Even though the walls and ceilings are crisp white, their coldness is balanced by a few wooden beams, wooden cabinets and wooden floors that add a touch of naturalness and warmth. The windows are fairly narrow but they are large enough to ensure a decent flow of natural light throughout the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Aside from the fully equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms and small office, we also love the bathroom with its spacious rain shower.

Overall, this is a superb place to come home to that meets even the most demanding modern requirements regarding comfort and convenience.

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