Gregers Grams Houses In Oslo, Norway


The Gregers Grams Houses represent an impressive housing project that received an honorable mention in 2014 as part of the City of Oslo Architecture Award. The residences in question can be found in Oslo, Norway, and they were completed in 2013 by R21 Arkitekter. The houses were built around a central shared yard, and they were designed to accommodate single families. They all boast similar details and materials, but each was customized specifically according to their unique location on the site.

The residences are compact and impress with high energy efficiency, which means that they can be heated and cooled at low cost. All homes feature two floors as well a basement level. The kitchen and living room are housed at the ground floor, while the bedrooms can be found at the second floor. The living room and the kitchen are divided by a staircase that flaunts a ceiling-mounted fireplace. As far as the basement is concerned, it incorporates other rooms and provides access to underground parking facilities. For outdoor entertainment, relaxation or socialization, the residents can always use the terraces on the roofs or the garden parcels.

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