Pavilion In A Garden In Karnataka, India

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This outstanding pavilion is the work of a studio named CollectiveProject, and it is located in Bengaluru, KarnatakaIndia. Boasting 750 square feet of space, it represents the result of a successful transformation based on an unused 15’ x 50’ extension nestled within a densely planted area. The structure features thin strips of locally reclaimed wood and stands as a buffer between a garden and a seating area.

Should the need arise, the owners can remove the seats from within the pavilion thus transforming it into a stage that can be used for family performances. The stage is isolated acoustically to a certain degree from the nearby street, and it is flanked by a sunken pathway clad in black granite. Once the sun sets, small niches in the walkway light up due to a series of small lamps, which help create a dreamy, inviting ambiance.

From the architect:

This project transforms an unused 15’ x 50’ extension to a private residential plot into a densely planted, garden and library.  The pavilion was conceptualized as an inhabitable piece of furniture embedded within a lush landscape.  The structure is clad in thin strips of locally reclaimed wood and acts as a portal framing two contrasting scenarios, a dense “wild” garden and a grass amphitheater/ seating area.

On special occasions, the seating in the pavilion can be cleared to act as a stage for family performances.  To provide acoustic separation from the noise of the adjacent street, the existing ground plane was excavated to create a sunken path lined in black granite.  Small niches line the walkway and are illuminated by diyas (small lamps) in the evening.

Architects: CollectiveProject
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Design Team: Cyrus Patell, Eliza Higgins
Area: 750.0 ft2
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Tina Nandi Stephens

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