Pinar House In Zapopan, Mexico

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Built in 2014 on a site close to La Primavera forest in Zapopan, Mexico, the Pinar House offers 5,758 square feet of living space and was designed by MO+G taller de arquitectura. Surrounded by beautiful pine and oak trees, the house features two primary volumes that were built around an existing courtyard and swimming pool.

The first volume comprises the private living spaces such as the bedrooms as well as a day area and service spaces. The second volume includes an office, a terrace and other public spaces, and it is a perfect place for socialization and entertainment. The house was built using locally sourced materials such as brick and stone for the walls and wooden beams for the roofs and vaults. The materials come in earthly tones and allow the house to merge with its environment. Furthermore, large windows and sliding glass doors help blur the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing the residents to feast their eyes on fantastic views.

From the architect:

The project is located within a subdivision adjacent to one of the most important lungs of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, the forest of La Primavera.

With an area of 2.578m2 and dense vegetation consisting mainly of pine and oak trees, the site hosted a series of abandoned structures about 30 years old, including a terrace, pool, parking and a multipurpose sports court.

As vegetation is the main protagonist of the site, the project is immersed in it generating views toward the interior of the site.

The separation of the proposed program, the materials and construction systems mark us a guideline as key concepts of the project, where we lay out two main volumes around the existing pool and court.

The first volume is divided into three bodies, it houses the private area, comprising services, day area and bedrooms. The second volume divided into two houses the public area formed by the terrace and an office. This separation of volumes generates an opportunity in the program where we create solids and voids, making the outside an extension of the house that prompts the user to experience the environment.

The materials and construction systems used such as the masonry stone walls, with stone from the site, or the exposed brick walls, create a sense of belonging to the site and cause by virtue of aging a changing color range with the passage of time.

The vaults and roofs made of wooden beams and brick for mezzanine construction systems evoke traditionalist methods of construction in the region.

Project Team: Andrés Mayorga García Rulfo, Diego González Díaz Ochoa, Leopoldo Orendain Ruiz Escoto.
Construction: Orozco y Soto construcciones S. A. de C. V.

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Project Area: 535.0 m2
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Miguel Valverde Hernández / Fabrica de Arquitectura, Helmer Murayama Caro / Fabrica de Arquitectura

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