Pool Arrangements Designed by Robert M. Gurney

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A modern house set in Washington DC has the perfect setting, being located near the woodlands. When the owner decides to have a swimming pool added to the residence, the manicured garden with mature trees has to be reorganized. Moreover, a new pavilion is built to connect the house to the re-arranged yard and the new pool.

‘Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion’ is the name of Robert M. Gurney’s project. He designed the pavilion to be used all year long, considering the warm months during the summer, but also the winter days. This structure adjacent to the house has glass doors with a steel-frame and glass corners to make sure the ones inside can benefit from the view towards the pool and the wood area. A Rumford fireplace and the floor heating system offer the needed warmth during wintertime.

The pavilion has a multiple use. It has a kitchen and a dining place, while the area near the fireplace is set to be a substitute living room. Comfort is one of the attributes for this structure made of natural elements like blue stone, Douglas-fir ceiling, and mahogany walls.

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Photos by Maxwell MacKenzie

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