Rumilahua House In Cotopaxi, Ecuador

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Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful volcanoes such as Sincholagua and Corazón, the Rumilahua House represents an impressive extension of an original, smaller house that was completed by architects Emilio López Herrera and Luis López López. The extension was built using ocher-colored reinforced concrete walls that boast a unique texture obtained using a special formwork.

The residence echoes the surrounding volcanic stones and soil thanks to its original appearance, which also allows it to blend easily with its surroundings. In order to ensure thermal comfort during colder days, the architects made sure to take advantage of heat accumulation in the walls with the help of high quality insulation and laminated glass features.

Rumilahua House is definitely comfortable, spacious and welcoming, but its main highlight comes in the form of its outstanding location in one of the most scenic areas in Ecuador. Waking up to a staggering view of distant volcanoes is undoubtedly a rare delight that can only be enjoyed by a select few.

From the architect:

In the Andes, at 3,300 meters and surrounded by the Sincholagua, Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui, Corazón and Pasochoa volcanoes, is the Rumilahua hacienda.

The project is an extension of a small house and consists of reinforced concrete walls, ocher in color, with a texture achieved from formwork made of eucalyptus tables planed on only one side.

The walls relate the house with the terrain characterized by the presence of rock and soil of volcanic origin. These comprise the ‘settling’ of the house: support that provides protection but also determines the extraordinary views in its openings.

Openings interspersed with an envelope / roof, designed outward with rusted Corten steel and inward with white surfaces. The structure of the envelope is designed with seike wood porches assembled at the factory.

A suitable temperature comfort is achieved, taking advantage of the heat buildup in the walls and keeping it with laminated glass and sufficient insulation in walls and roof to deal with the icy winds of the area.

Construction: López López arquitectos, Patricio Recalde
Structure: Herberto Novillo
Plumbing: Luis Morales
Electrical: Luis Córdova

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Project Area: 450.0 m2
Photographs: Sebastián Crespo

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