Spectacular Llama –Restaurante Sudamericano by BIG+KILO


Llama –Restaurante Sudamericano is a project designed by Kilo founder Lars Larsen in collaboration with Jonas Hartz and BIG partners Jacob Lange and Bjarke Ingels.

Llama is one of the finest restaurants in the region that delight the senses of their customers with the flavors of the South American continent. Their menu includes ceviches, anticuchos, Uruguayan-style meats, tacos and also a list of South American spirits.

Thanks to the efforts and the imagination of the designers, the restaurant was converted into an open space generously connected to the city. The interior design is dominated by effective decorative items such as colorful tiles, black furniture, a vibrant green wall and brass light fixtures.

The interior plan of the restaurant is optimized for seating 180 guests two times a night. People will be able to enjoy three dining spaces, with the bar as the venue’s core.

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