Spectacular Secret House by AGi Architects

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The Secret House in Kuwait was designed by the AGi Architects especially to please the clients, to make it functional and to fit their needs. The result is a gorgeous location with a friendly yet private design.  The large opening on the upper terrace permits one to see through the house. All rooms abound in space and light, giving the sensation of an open space even though this residence was built as a closed section.

They say your house defines who you are and as a matter of fact this estate definitely characterizes the owners that have a very particular view towards life. It’s a house with a very high potential offering tranquility and connecting both with the city life and the nature through exquisite backyard garden that completes the whole construction. No need to tell you more about the living area or about the spectacular master suite cause the photos will give you the big picture and will also challenge your imagination.

Photos by Nelson Garrido

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