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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This modern house was completed in 2014 in Hohenems, Austria, and it was designed by Juri Troy Architects. It flaunts 2,174 square feet of space and boasts a slender layout that was chosen in order to respect local boundaries and requirements. Consequently, the residence measures 121 feet in length, and its floor plan is organized using a sequence of spaces. The elongated design and the two-floor layout are able to support spacious and comfortable living areas, including cozy bedrooms, a living room and a loggia located at the first floor.

The facade features a large anthracite-colored polyethylene screen complemented by windows and openings of various sizes. Truly, even though the house is gorgeous on the inside, its facade is definitely one of its main highlights.

From the architect:

37 metres long is the single-family home that lies in the Rheintal of Vorarlberg in between the woods and water meadows. The slender and lengthy shape is a product of the property boundaries and makes for a straightforward exception among the neighbouring structures.

The floor plan is organised as a sequence of spaces that allows for a practical arrangement of all the ancillary rooms and eventually leads to the generous and open living and working spaces. The building accommodates the home of a young family as well as a studio for graphic design. Living and working are united under the same roof but clearly differentiated by the entrance area on the ground floor and a loggia on the first floor.

The work of a graphic designer was also inspiration for the façade: an anthracite-coloured polyethylene screen that can be used as an ever-changing advertising space. Openings and windows have been carefully placed along the façade reacting in its size and form to the most appealing views.

Architects: Juri Troy Architects
Location: Hohenems, Austria
Areas: 155m2 housing + 47m2 working
Area: 202.0 sqm
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Juri Troy

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