Stunning Residential Apartment in London by TG Studio

Stunning Residential Apartment In London By Tg Studio

This beautiful luxury dwelling was recently completed by TG Studio, an architecture and interior design firm in London. It is a residential apartment in Highgate, one of the most expensive suburbs in London. The client bought this place for its gorgeous views over Parliament Hill. The architects were asked to create a tranquil space inspired by the snowy planes of Norway, where the client lived as a child.

The apartment is divided into three lower levels and three half upper levels. The first contain the living, dining, kitchen, and entertaining areas, while the latter hold three bedrooms and two baths. Very open and luminous, the apartment seems even larger than it actually is, thanks to bright white color that dominates all its rooms. See more in the following pictures.

Stunning Residential Apartment in London by TG Studio

Images by Phillip Vile.

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