Superb Duplex Apartment In De Waterkant, Cape Town

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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This spacious, contemporary duplex apartment can be found within a neighborhood called De Waterkant in Cape Town, South Africa, and it was designed by a firm called SAOTA. Ever since its early design stages, this abode was envisioned as a luxurious and impressive space that would fit in perfectly with the vibrant and sophisticated lifestyle of De Waterkant.

The interior arrangements were sketched out and implemented by Antoni Associates (AA) Interiors, whose experts worked closely with OKHA Interiors. The abode managed to meet and surpass all expectations, especially since it blends outstanding craftsmanship, contemporary living conditions and high-end design. Its living room boasts breathtaking views of the city and represents a perfect place for socialization and entertainment. Wooden patios can be used for early morning coffee sessions or late night stargazing, but the city can also be admired in its entire splendor from the bedroom.

With furniture pieces that were designed specifically for its rooms, this duplex penthouse is very well organized and everything fits wonderfully into place within its walls.

From the SAOTA:

De Waterkant is a trendy area in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. In the day, it hosts cool-hunting hipsters frequenting impossibly quaint eateries and in the evening it becomes the urbanites playground as fashion and art champion the nights.

This was the decidedly perfect place to create a space like no other. A true Stefan Antoni space where luxury reigns and style is of the utmost importance. Antoni Associates (AA) Interiors and OKHA Interiors ensured this tall order materialised.

Renowned for its contemporary take on African luxury, AA Interior’s distinctive style paired with the unique pieces designed by OKHA, set this apartment in a category of its own. Mark Rielly, partner at Antoni Associates said that the apartment “ combines contemporary living with high design”.

The rms wanted to represent modern, urban Africa and Rielly noted that there is a strong emphasis on rhythm, geometric forms and graphic elements. They wanted artwork and interiors that explored the avant gardist graphic of the interior architecture and introduced colour. Adam Court, partner at OKHA, played with a fusion of modern African graphic and colour to juxtapose the lean, monochromatic interior. “We wanted very limited accessories and one major artwork, not wanting to overload the space or the senses,” Court noted. Urban living comes with few but denite obstacles such as space, challenging any aesthetic idealism as function needs to meet form.

Here, innovation meets true purpose as Court designed multi-use and bespoke furniture which can hide all the clutter accumulated in any home.

“We have also used every opportunity to maximise clever storage space without compromising the design” commented Michele Rhoda, partner at Antoni Associates. The tables provide storage, the bookshelves act as an installation artwork.
Additionally, the furniture was custom designed to t in the available space, ensuring uidity and circulation.

To be aesthetically astute and edit a space does not mean to say any expense was spared. Rielly noted that they infused the space with a sense of opulence through the clever use of luxurious nishes such as the herringbone timber oor and the feature marble accents.

This clever use of space, art and design has transformed this penthouse into a sanctuary for city-slickers. “The interior needed to be a place of calm and serenity, therefore less is more was the rule but still allowing for personal expression and individuality to have its place,” Court noted.

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