Terraced House Rebuilt in Casavells by 05 AM Arquitectura

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House Rebuilt in Casavells is a remarkable sculptural project completed by 05 AM Arquitectura in a village near Girona, Spain.

Set on a long and narrow plot, this is a lovely terraced residence with two open sides: one to the south, where the garden and the pool are situated, and one to the north, towards the street. Access is possible through both these sides.

Because of the split level architecture of the house and its fragmented roof, natural sunlight always fills all rooms. In order to ensure a close relationship of the dwellers with the beautiful garden and landscape, the house has a sunken level in the middle of the ground floor. Also for this purpose, the architects chose not to follow the traditions when creating the garage: they preferred to make this a transitional space, keeping it open, luminous, and connected to house.

Each floor has its own functionality, as each volume was designed for different purposes. Between the basement and the main floor lies a common space with bleachers that can be used as a meeting space, a study (there’s also a library and a desk on this level), a playground for kids, or even a home cinema.

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The main floor is beautifully opened towards the south, and it includes the living room, the kitchen, and the terrace. From here, access to the intermediate floor (the one with the bleachers) is easy and seamless. Finally, the more private areas, containing the bedrooms, is located on the first floor. To better understand the unique harmony of this residence, you need to take a few minutes and browse the photo gallery below.Terraced House Rebuilt in Casavells by 05 AM Arquitectura

Photo by: José Hevia

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