The 2 Bar House Project by Feldman Architecture

The 2 Bar House Project By Feldman Architecture

Designed for a couple with two young children, 2 Bar House impresses with its original architecture, and the use of green materials and cost-conscious technologies. The beautiful 2,120-square-foot residence is located in the peaceful Menlo Park city, in San Francisco Bay Area, California, and it was completed by Feldman Architecture.

The architects had the great idea to get away from the typical box shape, and place the bedroom bar above and perpendicular to the living bar. This means that they created more space, and interaction with the outside area. Accordion and lift-slide doors open the lower living area to the large garden, while the top bedroom level is connected to the green roof with deck. This beautiful house features sustainable flooring, photovoltaic array, and also an elegant rain screen made from the horizontal slats, which clad the upper bar.

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