The Ravine Residence in Toronto, Canada

The Ravine Residence In Toronto, Canada

Hariri Pontarini Architects were the ones who designed this magnificent two-story house. The Ravine Residence is located in a beautiful neighborhood in Toronto, Canada.

To integrate the house into the surrounding area and to create a bond between building and nature, the architects used natural materials for the exterior, and opened the house to the back to obtain the inside-outside connection. The French limestone, rift-cut oak, wood detailing and teak windows give a natural and relaxing feel to the entire building.

Although the property is surrounded by a variety of trees and shrubs, the large windows provide enough natural light throughout the house. The limestone interior is warm and welcoming, and the walnut flooring exudes elegance and luxury. From each room one can admire the calming forested ravine and wildlife around the home.

Although the main entrances of the residence opens into the public street, the private spaces are protected from the outside views and the owners can enjoy the privacy given by the natural surrounding.

The Ravine Residence in Toronto, Canada

Photos by: Ben Rahn/A-Frame

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