The Best Feature and Accent Wall Design Ideas

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If you’re getting a little sick and tired of your interior but you also don’t have time for a complete overhaul, perhaps the creation of a feature wall is just exactly what you need. A feature, or accent, wall is a wall which stands out from the other surfaces in the room. By adding a different colour, texture or contrast, an accent wall can add a new energy and feel to any room without completely redesigning the room. 

Here are some of our favourite feature wall designs we’ve seen around.

Use a different material

Some houses and apartments come with a built-in feature wall, an exposed brick wall. If this is an aesthetic that appeals to you, why not use a different material to achieve a similar effect? In this day and age where upcycling has taken centre stage, you could use reclaimed wood to create a gorgeous new environment. Treat the wood with an oil or woodstain paint to achieve a slightly different colour. Alternatively, leave the wood untreated for a more natural feel. 

Wall Design Ideas

Add a pop of colour

Another easy way to add a feature wall to any room is simply to pick a complementing, contrasting colour for one of your walls. To make this DIY job even easier, make sure you pick a durable, easy-to-apply paint. Did you know you can quite easily order trade paint online? Websites like The Paint Shed stock trade paints from reputable brands like Dulux, so you can get a professional finish on your DIY project. Trade paint is generally of a higher quality and will use better pigmentation, so while it might be a slightly bigger upfront investment, it will last for longer.

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Add a new dimension with a geometric design

Geometric prints and design are still a hot trend and can be found across different products. If you are working with quite classic furniture pieces, then adding a geometric design could really bring things together and create a whole new atmosphere.

You can use different mediums to create your geometric design. You can add coloured stripes to an existing wall, use a wallpaper or go all out and pick up a few complementing colours and masking tape and design your own wall. Give each section a different colour, making sure to keep the lines clean.

Wall Design Ideas

Use wallpaper to your advantage

If you’re looking for minimal faffing, then opt for a wallpaper. You can even get the sticking type, so you won’t even have to bother with wallpaper paste. To truly make your feature wall pop, make sure to pick something bold, bright, and eye-catching. You’ll have a wide range of designs to choose from, from a single mural to a repeating pattern. Unsure of what might work best within the existing colour scheme? Most websites will allow you to order a sample before committing to one pattern. The website Photo Wall have an amazing collection to browse, so you’re sure to find something suitable.

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