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Everybody wants a beautiful and comfortable home and sometimes it is difficult to achieve this especially if you have limited space and budget. In a perfect home, your living room would be separate from your entertainment center, but reality is, very few of us can actually have this in our homes more so if you live in the city where living spaces are very expensive. However, even if your home is small, it does not mean that you cannot make it beautiful. With just a few pieces of furniture and artwork, you can transform a drab home to one that is pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, as much as we want an aesthetically pleasing space we also need it to be functional. A living area must also have the amenities to entertain the homeowner. The answer to this issue is a new invention called Art TV.

What is Art TV?

Art TV is basically a television set that appears to be an art pieces when it is turned off. This is a new invention following in the likes of mirror TV, framed TV and glass TV. This variant has a predetermined art work that is shown whenever the TV is not working. The Art TV is designed in such a way that it doubles as a way to showcase art and be the centerpiece to any home or living area, and to function as a television set with all the amenities to keep the homeowner entertained. As an art piece, it can depict the art of your choice and even come with a decorative frame thus enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the piece. It is like going to the store and buying a two for one item, for the price of one, you get a TV and an art piece.

The technology behind the Art TV is actually a lot simple than you might expect. The flat TV is overlaid with a mirror that can reflect the TV screen when it is turned on. Then, it is encased with a study frame or box, then when the TV is turned on, the images projected on the TV screen is also reflected in the mirror. On the other hand, when the mirror is turned off, the image on the mirror is what is seen by the viewer, which is any art piece that you like to have. The quality of the art piece is life-like and in high definition which would mean that no one would really think that it is not the real thing. Your Art TV can be your conversation piece and it can be the focal object in your living room and even the masters’ bedroom. You can match it with your existing decorations and the style of your home. It will definitely enhance your home and imagine the amazement your guests would have when you turn on the TV.

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Art TV: An Inexpensive Piece of Art

We all know that most art pieces would cost a few thousand dollars and even if we saved for years, you can never have enough to own a Monet or a Van Gogh. Even the abstract paintings are still way over the average man’s paycheck. By investing in an Art TV you are able to get that art work you really want to own or your favorite one. You simply have to choose which painting or art piece you want to be showcased in your Art TV and the manufacturer will happily provide it for you. The thing is, you can have it changed if ever you are going to change your interior decoration or style, or maybe in your Christmas Day family get together, you can put in your Art TV your family picture and your family would surely love every minute of it. An art piece can transform your boring and humdrum living room into a beautiful and comforting space. The best part is you do not have to invest a lot of money in it, it never fades, or gets damaged and torn and as long as you take good care of the Art TV it will continue to give you joy and satisfaction. Knowing that you are able to maximize a single purchase to be both artistic and functional.

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State of the Art TV

If we think about the evolution of the television set, we can safely say that it has come a long way. In the past, television sets had to be huge to accommodate the cathode tubes that is used to receive signals and transmit it to light waves and then to images. Nowadays, a TV can be as thin as a stack of folders, and it is now more power efficient and has more vivid colors and are almost always in high definition. And with advanced technology and more available materials a television set is no longer that expensive. In fact, most people would buy on average five television sets in their adult life. An Art TV is not just a mirror TV that presents an image of the art, but it also a state of the art television set that can be more than the standard TV. It produces excellent images and sound, it is eco-friendly, it is intuitive and a smart TV. It can be used to record your favorite shows and stream internet TV. Indeed, with an Art TV you get the best of both worlds, a highly efficient TV and a great piece of art. Some people would probably say that they only need a TV and they could live without the art, however, when you have a tiny space, you would not want to have the TV as the center of your living room, having a beautiful home really gives you that satisfaction and joy that your hard work had enabled you have a beautiful home to come to at the end of the day. When you are in a pensive mood, it would not be a good idea to stare at the television set.

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How to Order Your Art TV

Your Art TV can come in any size and can be built from your own specifications and can even be matched with the space that you have. So if you are convinced that an Art TV would be a good addition to your home, then you can begin looking for online sellers and manufacturers. A good one you can check out is Frame My TV. It is an online shop that specializes in the production of Art TV and there are several tools that you can try out before you finally decide to order your own set. First is something called project planner, it is a dedicated program that takes into account the space or room you will have the TV in so you can maximize its effect in the room. Here you can plan your space, so you would know exactly what to expect, like if you have a small space and you would want a 40 inch TV and the planner will give you an outlook of what your room would like. It will also suggest a much more aesthetically appealing size, but if you really want the bigger one, then it would still be your choice.

The shop also provides for a quote builder and a designer application. You can actually choose from among the many images available in the site to be your art piece, then specify the kind of TV that you want and add a unique frame, it can be wooden, metallic or even fabric whichever it is that you want. You can then build your Art TV and the quote builder will provide an itemized quote for you to check. In this way, you exactly know what you are getting and what you are paying for.

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Once you have decided on a few options, the site allows you to order samples of the TV, the frame and the art work so you can see it for yourself even before you make your final order. Your best bet is to consider at least your top three choices, and order samples of each of those choices so you can actually compare and be able to choose which one will really work for your space. Or even if you try out more designs and is just really lost on what to choose or which one would be perfect got your choice and designing is not your forte, then you can actually schedule for a design consultation. Let the experts do it for you, all you need is to schedule the consultation and be ready with the information the designers need.

The online shop also has a lot of special offers that you can take advantage of, they have free giveaways, special offers and once-in-a-lifetime deals that can result to the best bargain that you could ever have. FrameMyTV has an excellent track record and thousands of satisfied customers. As a leader in this field, they are very good at what they do and getting your Art TV from them means that you are getting the best.

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