Uniquely Designed Kooyong House In Melbourne, Australia

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The Kooyong House is a masterpiece of architecture that is located in Melbourne, Australia and was designed by the experts at Matt Gibson Architecture. This particular residence was built to replace an older Victorian double front home that was found on the same site, and even though most of the old building was demolished, several elements from its front façade were kept intact.

The new abode received its own swimming pool, garage, and a whole new upper level. The layout itself is based on 2 L-shaped floor plans that allowed for a brand new exterior design based on curved corners and timber cladding. Speaking of timber cladding, the abode flaunts extensive wooden elements throughout, which give off a sense of warmth and comfort. Furthermore, large windows and a plethora of other glass elements ensure that the home is always flooded in natural light throughout the day.

As far as accommodations are concerned, the bedrooms and the children’s areas are found on the upper floor and benefit from utmost privacy, while the living room and kitchen were placed on the ground floor, in close proximity to a lavish swimming pool that can be found just outside.

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