Wonderful Elwood House By Robert Nichol & Sons

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The residence that we are about to present can be found within a Melbourne suburb called Elwood, and it was designed by a team of experts from Robert Nichol & Sons. The people that are responsible for the layout of the Elwood House are Jason Chongue, Fiona Plaisted, Brett Robertson, Vonne Yang and David Nicholson, and they all worked closely with interior designer David Nicholson in order to complete this project in 2013.

The residence features 2,669 square feet of living space, and it was renovated extensively in order to fulfill even the most demanding requirements regarding comfort. The abode now includes high quality materials and finishes that contrast nicely with each other while ensuring reliability and sturdiness. For example, the horizontal look of the exterior brickwork contrasts beautifully with the verticality of the cedar boards.

Everyone who was involved in the construction process of the Elwood House, including the architect, interior designer, builder and landscape expert worked closely with the owners in order to ensure that the end result would meet their specifications. The result is a remarkable place to call home that boasts great sustainability, since many of its rooms feature cross-ventilation and natural lighting. The master bedroom with its Western Red Cedar cladding also contributes to the home’s eco-friendly allure, since this particular material is sourced from a renewable plantation and is cheap to produce.

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Photos by Michael Evans

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