18 Revolutionary Gadgets for Your Smart Home

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The dreams about the house of the future, fully automated, are almost becoming true and more gadgets offer complete functions that can contribute to the intelligent home of the future. Here are 18 gadgets that utilize the latest technology and benefit from a futuristic design.

1. Smart Shower

Created by Oras Eterna, the smart shower has a touch interface and can monitor water for an environmentally and socially responsible consumption, with digital temperature control.

2. Electronic Key 130

Under the shape of an iPhone case, the electronic key CalypsoKey costs $130 and turns the unlocking or the locking of the door into a simple gesture: touching the phone with the sensor.

3. The intelligent toilet

For a price of $5000, the ecological toilet Numi, created by Kohler, includes a multifunctional bidet, next to a heating system for the legs and embedded speakers.

4. The mobile fireplace

With an excellent design, from aluminum and leather, the mobile fireplace Zeta can be easily transported anywhere, but is priced at $11,000.

5. The solar table

Left in the garden, the solar table Sun Table, which is priced at $22,000, is being loaded and then can be transported wherever you need electricity, for your laptop, smartphone or for the lamps.

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6. Window washing robot

At a price of only $400, Winbot attaches to the window and uses its sensors to perfectly clean glass.

7. Dock iPhone mirror

The concept of open source Digital Habit can be built from 0 or can be bought for $520. The iPhone behind the mirror can be controlled by hand gestures made in front of it.

8. Weather station

Netatmo created a weather station for home use. With a price of only $179, the gadget analyzes the temperature and air quality and connects to the smartphone to provide detailed information.

9. Air Purifier developed by NASA 800

Airocide costs $800, it was designed by NASA specialists and purifies the air, eliminating any allergens.

10. Solar lawn mower

Priced at $300, Husqvarna Automower promises to cut the grass automatically. If the weather is sunny, drops the battery power and uses the solar panel.

11. Transparent TV

The transparent TV is created, in terms of design, by Michael Friebe and is a masterpiece that combines the conventional LCD with the latest display technology, called TOLED (transparent organic light-emitting device), which allows the creation of solid  image, in motion on a transparent screen.

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12. “Plan Light” Switch

Have you experienced one of those moments when you don’t know which switch lights the lamp in the house? No problem?! Taewong Hwang came with the idea of creating a switch that looks like a plan of the house, from which you can turn on the lights in the room you desire, by touching the drawing displayed.

13. Solar Media Player

Sony Eclipse is a prototype solar media player, designed by Hoang M. Nguyen and Anh Nguyen. It uses, as energy source, the photovoltaic cells located on the back side. It can be attached to the window with the cells placed outwards and it will play music non-stop, if you are comfortable with that.

14. Door Handle with self-sterilization

This item is self-sterilizing after each time it is pressed, using ultraviolet ray lamps, but the item is still in the project phase. Red Dot Design Concept awarded this creation of the designer Choi Bomi.

15. Senzonightlight

For those who do not find the switches at night in the house, Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia found the solution: a lamp that looks like a luminous strip mounted on the wall. This strip will deliver a localized light when you touch it, right in the place where you touched it. The light will follow you as long as you keep the contact with the strip fixed on the wall. There’s no need to brighten the entire room so you can save energy.

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16. Digital wall

The wall that changes its color is now pretty famous among the internet surfers. During the first phase, the audience thought that it was an LED screen. The solution is much more simple and ingenious: it is composed of prisms with different colored faces.

17. Washing machine with built-in laundry basket

The washing machines were not an easy subject for the designers. A bold idea is the washing machine with built-in laundry basket. The basket has the shape of a sphere and can be removed for the tank, can be filed with laundry and then reintroduced into the drum.

18. The tulip: bath and shower

Because the space in the bathrooms is always a problem, Piotr Pyrtek found a solution by combining bath with shower, a hybrid called Tulip. The device offers the luxury of a bath.

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